‘Look Down’ Sculptor by Jago is Now in Fujairah Desert

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 15 February 2022 Last update: Sunday، 27 February 2022

The United Arab Emirates is decorated with many artifacts and masterpieces, including the giant baby sculpture ‘Look Down’ by the Italian artist Jago, a spectacular attraction to visit while touring in Fujairah. Find out all information about the Giant Baby ‘Look down’ Sculpture that was installed in Naples’ Piazza del Plebiscito, and it got moved to the Fujairah desert.

About the Giant Baby ‘Look down’ Sculpture   


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The Italian Sculptor Jago created the giant baby sculpture 'Look down' that took him 8 months to complete! The idea of the abandoned baby was first conceived in 2019, whilst the artist was living in New York City. The statue represents the difficulties and challenges of life during COVID-19 when many people ended up being homeless. So, the artwork illustrates the anguish and terror of those who have been impacted the hardest by the pandemic. 

Who is Jago? 

Jacopo Cardillo, known as Jago, is one of the most talented and promising Italian sculptors today who has been dubbed the modern Michelangelo in Italy. Jago produces strikingly lifelike art that reflects the despair of the pandemic, and he attracted the public to his artwork via Instagram, so he has been compared to Renaissance masters. 

From Italy to UAE with Love!  

After Jago completed the Look down Sculpture, it was installed in Naples’ Piazza del Plebiscito with a chain around his wrist. After staying there for six months, it was moved to the Fujairah desert, this time without the chain. 

Why did Jago Choose UAE?  

Without giving any explanation, the artist shared geographical coordination in an Instagram post to announce that the artwork 'Look Down' was abandoned in the desert by the Italian artist Jago in Fujairah, UAE. Many may wonder why UAE? Regarding that, Jago said: 

The aim is to move the sculpture from the popular, crowded piazza in Naples to somewhere quiet and unknown. Someplace with a beautiful view.

And he added also: 

A piece of art is like a company. My sculpture is like a company, I do not sell the entire artwork. When you sell, you get money in return and money loses its value over time. It is wonderful for an artist to build collaborations instead. Work together with people instead to exhibit the sculpture in different parts of the world to increase its value. 

Giant Baby Sculpture Location  


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Jago Look down sculpture is in Al Haniya desert in Fujairah, around 15 minutes away from Wadi Maidaq Blue Pool. To reach giant baby sculpture in Furajrah, use the following geographical coordinates:  

  • 25°22'08.6"N 56°02'57.7"E  

You can also copy منحوتة الطفل and past it in google maps to reach baby sculpture in a desert location.   

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(Cover Photo Copyright & Look Down Sculptore Videos: Jago Official Website) 

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