31 Dubai Metro Offenses You Need to Know to Avoid Up to AED 2,000 Fine

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 February 2024
31 Dubai Metro Offenses You Need to Know to Avoid Up to AED 2,000 Fine

Dubai Metro, a key component of the city's public transportation system, operates under strict regulations to ensure a safe and efficient commuting experience. Familiarizing yourself with the routes and schedules is a must but equipping yourself with the rules and associated fines is also crucial to avoid penalties. Just as the saying goes, “Ignorance of the law excuses no man.”

So, here's an exhaustive list of Dubai Metro violations and the corresponding fines they incur:

1. Using public transport without paying the fare: Dh200

2. Failing to present the Nol card upon request: Dh200

3. Using a card designated for someone else: Dh200

4. Using an expired card: Dh200

5. Using an invalid card: Dh200

6. Selling Nol cards without prior permission: Dh200

7. Using a counterfeit card: Dh500

8. Causing disturbance or inconvenience to other passengers: Dh100

9. Accessing or sitting in areas designated for specific categories: Dh100

10. Eating and drinking in prohibited areas: Dh100

11. Sleeping in passenger shelters or prohibited areas: Dh300

12. Damaging, vandalizing, or destroying equipment or seats: Dh2,000

13. Parking vehicles in designated metro areas exceeding permitted time: Dh100 per day, up to Dh1,000

14. Entry into restricted areas in violation of warning signs: Dh100

15. Standing or sitting in non-passenger areas: Dh100

16. Putting feet on seats: Dh100

17. Selling or promoting goods inside metro: Dh200

18. Failure to comply with inspector instructions: Dh200

19. Using metro contrary to posted instructions: Dh200

20. Bringing animals except guide dogs for blind persons: Dh100

21. Spitting, littering, or compromising cleanliness: Dh200

22. Smoking inside metro: Dh200

23. Misusing lifts or escalators: Dh100

24. Boarding metro by climbing or jumping: Dh100

25. Attempting to access or leave metro while in motion: Dh100

26. Carrying or using materials endangering safety: Dh100

27. Obstructing driver's performance: Dh200

28. Carrying alcoholic beverages: Dh500

29. Carrying hazardous items: Dh1,000

30. Misusing security or safety devices: Dh2,000

31. Misuse of emergency buttons: Dh2,000

Payment Methods for Fines

Passengers can pay fines on the spot to the inspector who issued them or utilize various payment channels provided by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA). These include the RTA website's dedicated portal, RTA Customer Happiness Centres, or self-service machines for bus passengers. Detailed instructions are provided on the fine notification received from the RTA.

Disputing Fines

If passengers wish to dispute a fine, they must gather all necessary documents, including the fine notification, payment receipt (if applicable), and supporting evidence. Disputes can be lodged via email by sending relevant documents to ask@rta.ae with the subject title 'Fine Appeal' and the fine number. The RTA considers appeals based on the provided evidence before making a decision.

Understanding and adhering to Dubai Metro regulations is important for maintaining a safe and orderly commuting environment. By familiarizing yourself with the rules and consequences of non-compliance, you can contribute to the smooth operation of the Metro system while avoiding unnecessary fines and penalties.

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