Over 500K Fine For Revealing or Destroying 'Secret' Government Data

  • Publish date: Friday، 09 February 2024
Over 500K Fine For Revealing or Destroying 'Secret' Government Data

The Public Prosecution in Dubai has introduced stringent measures against individuals engaging in illicit activities involving classified government information.

In response to violations of the rumors and cybercrime law, the authority has declared substantial penalties, imposing a minimum fine of Dh500,000 and a minimum imprisonment term of 7 years for offenders.

This directive specifically targets individuals involved in the unauthorized acquisition, defiance, disclosure, destruction, alteration, exposure, or deletion of confidential government information or data. Those found guilty of such actions will face severe consequences under the new regulations.

The move underscores Dubai's commitment to safeguarding sensitive government data and maintaining the integrity of information systems.

The significant financial penalty and lengthy jail term are intended to serve as a deterrent, emphasizing the gravity of offenses related to the unauthorized handling of confidential government information.