Social Eye: Your Guardian Angel in Influencer Marketing

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 April 2022
Social Eye: Your Guardian Angel in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was a very niche concept, and it was limited to only a handful of celebrities, now thankfully to the new age of social media and the social eye platform has made using influencer marketing easier than ever.

What is Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing approach that involves using social media and celebrity or influencer endorsements to win consumers or expand a company's audience. Since these individuals are regarded as experts in their fields, their followers are loyal and may even look up to them, recommendations from them serve as social proof for your brand's potential customers.

Choosing The Right Influencer for Your Brand

By using social eye you may find the perfect influencer to endorse your brand in a matter of a few clicks! Picking the right influencer to endorse your brand is very important as the people who you support or support you do indeed reflect on your brand's values, which in the modern world is very important to consumers.

The right influencers can help you grow your audience by threefold, the new age of technology has given influencers a very strong impact in marketing and power to help educate thousands if not millions of people.

Give your product to an influencer that fits the perfect customer picture and your product could become a holy grain to have all across social media, it increases your brands value and authenticity among other things such as brand engagement rate which directs customers to share your products with their friends there for growing your audience even more!

Using an influencer to endorse your brand can help reduce time and effort, building trust with your audience can take time and a lot of effort especially for new companies, however influencers have already built their trust in their loyal consumers, therefore their endorsement is highly trust and can help reduce the time needed for you to build trust with your consumers.

Choosing the wrong influencer has many disadvantages to your company, their followings and audience may not be the within the same range you aim to reach in order to sell your products or services, an example is picking an influencer with an audience of children aged 6-14 when your products are aimed at adults aged 18-28, the endorsement would not be effective, and at times a certain influencer may fail to create impressive content and in return waste your time. It is also important to not work with influencers that make content that goes against your companies beliefs as it would create a clash of interest in your customers and lead to you losing them instead, however that is why social eye exists, to help you pick the right fit and reach the perfect audience for your company's success!

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