7awi Media Group Goes 100% Digital

In Alignment with Smart Dubai’s Paperless Strategy

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 October 2021 Last update: Sunday، 03 October 2021
7awi Media Group Goes 100% Digital

[Dubai, UAE – 1st October 2021] 7awi Media Group, the leading independent digital media publisher and advertising solutions platform in the Middle East and North Africa endorses the Dubai government’s Paperless Strategy initiative, a government-wide action plan replacing the need for paperwork through technology.  

The adaptation of content digitalization technologies was the company’s primary vision when it was founded in 2012. From being a leading print publisher of regionally acclaimed titles including Layalina, 7awi was one of the pioneers of print media transitioning to online publications in 2017. “The Dubai government’s initiative to go paperless is brilliant, and we are happy to follow and support their efforts. Going digital is not new to us. With Layalina alone, we have already cut paper usage by eliminating the production of 15,000 print magazines in circulation monthly, amounting to roughly 32.4 million papers annually and saving approximately hundreds of trees. We are now going a step further by becoming a completely digital, paperless organization.” said Anas (Andy) Abbar, co-founder and CEO of 7awi Media Group.

7awi Media Group Goes 100% Digital

Starting October 1, 2021, and in alignment with Smart Dubai’s implementation of the Paperless Strategy, 7awi Media Group will be adapting an internal digital infrastructure, with 100% paperless transactions. Human Resource processes of onboarding employees including contracts and offer letters will now be through a dedicated app. Organizing and categorizing documents will also be done through a centralized digital portal. This is mandated across its UAE headquarters and satellite offices in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey, and all its businesses including Social Camels, Layalina Production Studio, and MENArewards.

“It is our aim, that by going paperless at 7awi and by adapting digitalization technologies, that we become an environmentally conscious organization. This initiative will also increase employee productivity, decrease wasted space, eliminate unnecessary time searching for documents, improve data security and identify bottlenecks thereby improving efficiencies on internal processes and overall client service.” enthused Abbar.

By being a fully digital content platform, 7awi has also continually achieved its mission of providing content that informs, entertains, and empowers the Arab youth. One of the opportunities from digitalization that 7awi is extremely proud of is the establishment of Casper Studio, its own custom content management system that drives the portfolio of websites but also provides an opportunity for clients to have their own branded content and management systems.

For more information about this initiative, a 7awi representative may be reached through the contact details below.

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Email address: info@7awi.com

Contact number: + 971 04 580 5022

About 7awi Media Group

Established in 2012, 7awi is the leading independent digital media publisher and advertising solutions platform in the Middle East and North Africa. 7awi owns and operates a portfolio of websites including Layalina, Ra2ej, Alqiyady, ArabsTurbo, Sa2eh, and many more. Its other businesses include Casper Studio, an advanced content management system, MENArewards, an insights and market research company, Social Camels, a full-service marketing agency, and the Layalina Production Studio.

7awi's head office is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with satellite offices in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey. 


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