Airfares Become Costly Because of Increasing Demand for Eid Al Fitr

Airfares in the UAE have increased due to rising demand during Eid season.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 12 April 2023
Airfares Become Costly Because of Increasing Demand for Eid Al Fitr

Airfares for some popular Eid destinations have steeply increased because of the rising demand for travel during the holiday season. 

Eid Al Fitr is expected to begin on April 21st and the reduction of COVID-19 travel restrictions globally, has led to more people choosing to travel during the Eid break. 

According to Rooh Tourism in Dubai, some of the travel destinations that are high in demand are Pakistan, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Armenia, and Switzerland. 

The price of an economy-class one-way Emirates airline ticket to Islamabad, Pakistan is generally AED 1,000 or less than that during the off-season, however during Eid week, the price has increased to AED 2,000. Similarly, the price of a ticket for a flight from Abu Dhabi to Maldives usually costs AED 500 or AED 550, but on April 20th, the price has steeply risen to AED 3,350. 

Even return ticket prices have become costly because tickets from places like Georgia generally cost AED 800, but during the Eid season, their prices have increased to more than AED 2,000.

Skyscanner, a Scotland-based travel agency, shared that 49% of people from the UAE are planning to travel during the Eid break. According to them, the 10 most sought-after destinations are India, the UK, Italy, Egypt, Indonesia, the US, the Philippines, Maldives, Thailand and Pakistan.

In response to the increasing travel demand, Dubai's low-cost airline flydubai started a flash sale for tickets to 20 destinations. The sale started on April 8th and runs until April 20th for flights between the dates April 15th and April 23rd. 

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