An Ode to Arabian Culture: Eau Nabati by Diptyque

The Middle east exclusive fragrance is a salute to a remarkable desert voyage

  • Publish date: Friday، 18 August 2023
An Ode to Arabian Culture: Eau Nabati by Diptyque

Diptyque’s Eau Nabati is a reminiscent journey through a desert mirage, welcoming the wearer into an Oasis of Arabian culture. Opening with a burst of citrusy bergamot and the fresh, green scent of petitgrain, balanced by the rich aroma of amber and the sweet scent of Balsam.

An Ode to Arabian Culture: Eau Nabati by Diptyque

Eau Nabati is an eau de parfum which conjures up images of a wondrous paradise hidden in the vastness of the Arabian desert, between hot sand and the welcome freshness of trees and clear water. The striking contrast, suggestive of a mirage, is made possible by the compositional balance of amber. The fresh, green qualities of bergamot, here given added zest by petitgrain, are enveloped in notes of immortelle flowers – rounded, warm, and amber, arousing tantalizing heat.

As the fragrance develops on the skin, it becomes more complex and multifaceted, revealing new layers of scent that are both captivating and intriguing.

Eau Nabati is available in diptyque Dubai Mall, Bloomingdales, Yas Mall, Mall of Emirates and Ounass.


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