Twin Earthquakes Strikes The Arabian Gulf

  • Publish date: Sunday، 16 January 2022
Twin Earthquakes Strikes The Arabian Gulf

ُُExactly at 6:49 Am, Sunday 16th January 2021, a 4.7 magnitude earthquake was recorded on the Ritcher scale in the Arabian Gulf; according to the UAEs' national center for meteorology NCM, the earthquake hit the depth of 10Km.

After that, another earthquake struck the Northern Arabian Gulf on Sunday, Measuring five, which occurred at a depth of 10 KM off the coast of Iran at 6:49 Am.

There is no current impact reported for UAE, Said the Director of the NCM (National Centre of Meteorology’s Seismology department); however, it is not common for two earthquakes to hit the sea on the same day.

The earthquakes are not massive or of a danger that would cause a tsunami. The Arabian Gulf is shallow compared to the Pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean; that is why tsunamis are unlikely to occur, according to the NCM.

It did, however, once occur in the Arabian sea back in 1945 when a strong earthquake hit Pakistan with 8.1 magnitudes; a tsunami resulted in Oman and Seychelles 3400 Km away because of that earthquake.