Azizi Developments to Build Dubai's Newest Seven-Star Hotel

  • Publish date: Saturday، 24 June 2023
Azizi Developments to Build Dubai's Newest Seven-Star Hotel

Azizi developments will be building what they term as Dubai's newest seven-star hotel, which will also be fifth tallest building in the world and the second tallest in Dubai.

The skyscraper is scheduled to be completed by 2027. Azizi is planning to launch the construction before the end of 2023.

"The seven-star hotel is a huge project which will change the skyline of Dubai," Azizi's hospitality COO Michael Zager was quoted as saying by Hotelier Middle East.

The development is part of Azizi's plan to invest up to AED 60 billion as it announced plans to build 50 luxury hotels in the city. 

Mirwais Azizi, Founder and Chairman of Azizi Developments, said: "With the investment of AED60bn over the course of the next five years, we aim to become a major part of Dubai’s promising future as a global hub for tourism."

The company has already acquired most of the necessary plots of land for its hotels.