Bahrain Cricket Team Makes Huge Impact In UAE

  • Publish date: Sunday، 16 January 2022
Bahrain Cricket Team Makes Huge Impact In UAE

Bahrain Cricket federation and Performance Cricket Academy (HPCA) have made a significant impact in the UAE by becoming runner-ups in the Gulf cup 2021 U17 tournament.

The Bahrain cricket team played in group B against:

  • YTCA Goltay.
  • Desert cubs.
  • Dubai.
  • Legend and Freedom.

They won all those four matches and lead the group with 8 points!

Who is their star player?

Hamza Riaz was the star of their match against YTCA Goltay, and Rishbah Ramesh was the star against Freedom, he was the 2nd top scorer in the tournament, his score was: 352 runs, and 112 not out.

They played against B spartan in the semi-final and won by six wickets. 

The Bahrain team has been making history in UAEs' cricket matches, and Hamza Riaz was such a brilliant youth growing Bahraini crickets.