Chef Burak Builds A 5 Meter Deep Oven in Dubai Desert

  • Publish date: Saturday، 12 June 2021
Chef Burak Builds A 5 Meter Deep Oven in Dubai Desert
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Infamous Turkish chef, Burak Ozdemir, known as “Chef Burak,” shared a video on his account on Instagram in which he's seen making a hole at a depth of 5 meters in the heart of the Dubai desert, building a traditional underground oven of clay bricks.

Burak also appeared in the clip after he finished building the oven, setting fire to the bottom, and then placing inside the oven pieces of chicken suspended on iron chains after adding spices and a large plate of rice.


A post shared by Burak Özdemir (@cznburak)

The clip attracted many viewers on Instagram, with more than 5 million views so far and many funny comments.

Burak is known for his love of cooking overly large dishes that are enough to make a complete meal, such as giant rice bowls topped with whole roasted lamb or a massive burger with a massive amount of fries.


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Another distinctive feature of Burak is his keenness to build traditional underground ovens to ripen the food he cooks.

Image Credit : CZN Burak Instagram