What Is Deltacron? All About The New Covid-19 Strain

  • Publish date: Sunday، 09 January 2022
What Is Deltacron? All About The New Covid-19 Strain

A new strain of covid-19 has just been reported, a combination of Delta and Omicron variants; this new strain was called "Deltacron."

Where did the new strain of covid-19 "Deltacron" emerge? 

The new Covid-19 strain combination "Deltacron" was discovered in Cyprus and is still under study.

The professor of biological sciences and head of the biotechnology and molecular virology laboratory - Leondios Kostrikis - discovered this new finding and gave a thorough interview with Sigma Tv last Friday.

what he said was, "There are currently omicron and delta co-infections, and we found a strain that is a combination of these two." 

The "Deltacron" was named after Omicron-like genetic signatures were found inside the Delta genomes of the virus.

Cyprus reports Deltacron cases

Cyprus has reported 25 Deltacron cases inside the country, but it is very early to understand how damaging this strain of "Deltacron" could be.

All researchers around the world have been discovering new strains of the Covid-19 as it mutates and spreads; there has also been another IHU variant that the WHO announced that is not much of a threat like the other variants, and there were also cases of "Flurona" which was detected in a person that had both Covid-19 and influenza at the same time.

Flurona is expected to be more contagious, and this phenomenon is not new. However, the cases of Covid-19 are in a peak due to the spread of the Omicron variant; deaths, however, did not reach the height they did back in January 2021.


All variants pose a risk in case of a high number of infections to put stress and strain on the health sector; therefore, we recommend everyone to follow the guidelines and the protocols of safe distancing as well as wearing masks, taking booster shots to increase immunity against the new variants, and adhering to the health guidelines to minimize the spread of Covid-19.
Stay distant, Stay safe.

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