Caller Identity Of Private Companies To Be Displayed With New Feature

  • Publish date: Sunday، 02 January 2022
Caller Identity Of Private Companies To Be Displayed With New Feature

The (TDRA) which is the telecommunication and digital government regulatory authority of the UAE has just announced that a new feature will be added and the reason behind it is to display the name of the caller from private sector companies in the UAE

Testing the new feature "Kashif"

Kashif will inform all of the customers of the callers ID as in Number and Name, even if the customer has not saved that caller on their own phone, the aim of this added service is the following:

  • To provide more clarity.
  • To make the recipient gain more information about the callers' ID where he needs it for interviews, job offers and such.
  • Reduce anonymous annoying calls.

This feature is completely legal and has already been tested back in May in the banks sector.

This new feature "Kashif" will be implemented to other sectors like:

  • Hospitatlity sector.
  • educatoin sector
  • health sector
  • all private sector companies within 2022.

All numbers that are fixed or mobile registerd as private company numbers will be displayed through this new implemetend feature.

We qoute Eng. Bin Ghelaita "TDRA chose to implement this feature after reviewing a number of projects and best practices, and worked during the testing period in cooperation with the service providers to identify solutions to technical challenges." 
The best service will be provided with Kashif  feature.

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