Créatures Sublimes is the Exhibition Marrying Art & Fashion

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 May 2023
Créatures Sublimes is the Exhibition Marrying Art & Fashion

A new collaborative exhibition that marries art and fashion is in town, celebrating the duality of humanity and breaking away from modern society’s expectations.

The exhibition brings together creative visual artist Sabhan Adam, who through his drawings challenges superficial notions of beauty and ugliness, and Zina Kheir, the founder of jewelry brand Le Marais 101, titled 'Créatures Sublimes'.

Créatures Sublimes is the Exhibition Marrying Art & Fashion

Her designs represent a conceptual statement of peaceful rebellion against the laws of fashion, where her handmade accessories compliment a woman's personal style, adding and elevating the individuality of each of us when worn.

"Are we the monsters, or is society savage?" is the fundamental question that shapes the content of the exhibition. Through his creation of his beautiful "monsters", Adam questions our preconceived notions of beauty. As for the Le Marais 101 accessories, they flow naturally within Adam's art... as in every beast lies beauty, and in every tragedy we must find beauty.

Créatures Sublimes is the Exhibition Marrying Art & Fashion

In this exhibition, you will enjoy a kind of raw, real and honest art, where Adam and Khair come together in this collaboration to present their perception of society through their own art. Far from cliche, both offer their own view of how society shapes us to become the finest of creatures.

It is an exhibition that celebrates the duality of humanity and its uniqueness that deviates from the standards and expectations of modern society, just like the creatures that struggle to liberate themselves from the stereotypes of society.

And while Adam and Khair use different creative mediums to convey their vision, you'll get to know a true vision of who we are: creatures of the environment shaped by society. Don't miss this exhibition at 6 pm on May 23rd at the Flower Society to get a closer look at their vision.

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