Discover the most popular cars in the GCC region!

Home of the most opulent cars, UAE's electric highways are a magnificent parade of the world’s best, most durable, and luxurious automotive beasts that are imported from a wide range of global car manufacturers

  • Publish date: Friday، 24 May 2024
Discover the most popular cars in the GCC region!

Due to the extreme weather conditions, affluent preferences, and economical frequencies, interestingly, each car manufacturer tailors its models to meet GCC requirements and the unique demands of this region. Discover the key features of each popular car brand, within this region.

Leading in volume, Japan’s Toyota & Nissan

Trailblazing by a mile, both of these brands are the region’s most preferred pick.  Loved for their durability, innovation, performance, and reliability, these two Japanese models adapted for the GCC market offer consumers superior fuel-efficiency, low maintenance costs, lofty cooling systems, performance, and in general a lower overall cost of ownership compared to the average European or American car.

Key Value: These cars depreciate significantly slower than the rest in the market securing the highest resale value.

Next up with stunning design, striking technology – Germany’s Mercedes-Benz & BMW

These German makers need no introduction – they are synonymous with luxury and pioneering technology. Offering consumers more than just a mode of travel – they have been successfully reigning the hearts of automotive enthusiasts by uniting style, performance, and status in one! Both, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW offer iconic designs, power-packed performance, lush interiors, magnificent built-in systems, and augmented suspension structures and more, embodying the perfect archetype of luxury.

Key Value: While both come attached with high maintenance costs, they are known to preserve high resale values.

Offering undisputable power – America’s Ford & Chevrolet

Speed, space, and size – these are the very essence of American grandiosity for the GCC. Offering consumers the agility of reinforced chassis, advanced cooling systems, genuine mileage, heavy-duty suspension, and augmented safety features that are compliant with GCC regulations, models like the Ford Explorer and the Chevrolet Tahoe have been dominating the hearts of many.

Key Value: While American builds are loved for their muscle,  their resale value often fluctuates due to higher maintenance costs, variabilities in fuel efficiency, and limited spare parts availability.

Delivering innovation with value for money – South Korea’s Hyundai & Kia

Swiftly gaining popularity, South Korean cars such as Hyundai and Kia are much-appreciated due to their affordable price points, along with innovative features. More so, when they are equipped to offer GCC specs including powerful cooling systems, enhanced engine cooling, and corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the region’s high temperatures – thereby making them durable and reliable for travel.

Key Value: They often fetch a decent resale value due to their efficient designs, intelligent built-in systems, and a growing preference by the people of this region.

It goes without saying that style, comfort, design, and performance remain at the forefront of consideration when purchasing a car in this region, resale value is a critical thought for a majority of the car buyers. Traditionally, the car-selling process was one that filled with frustration, ambiguity, and endless negotiations – up until Cash For Cars MEA arrived. Over the last few years, Cash For Cars MEA has introduced customers to quick, easy, and secure digital experiences by offering a seamless car-selling experience. Delivering ease with free online evaluations, convenient doorstep inspections, price transparency, zero hidden charges, secure payments, and much more – it is now easier than ever to sell vehicles with just a tap.

This being said, it is essential to consider the right automotive choices by understanding the value of GCC-specific makes that impact the resale value of your car – whether it’s a durable Japanese SUV, a luxurious German sedan, or a stylish French hatchback.

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