7awi Launches A Social Media Agency In Dubai

We have officially launched our first regional full-fledged social media agency

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 October 2020 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
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7awi, the leading Digital Publisher that owns Layalina, Ra2ej, Arabs Turbo and other top-tier publications, has officially launched its first regional full-fledged social media agency, with its headquarters in Dubai and offices in Amman and Cairo.

Success in the Digital Era

Social Camels, 7awi’s marketing consultancy service provider, offers end-to-end social media, PR and digital solutions to international and local brands.

“It is important to adapt to the rapid changes in consumer’s needs, As social media dependency grows rapidly in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), we have expanded 7awi’s services to offer a fully integrated marketing agency that meets the market’s current and future demands.” Said Anas (Andy) Abbar, Co-Founder and CEO of 7awi. 

“Businesses today have realized the importance of having a strong digital and online infrastructure. This is why we have launched Social Camels. We aim to replicate the success that we have created on our online platforms to our clients.” Added Abbar

Endurance, Stamina and Resilience

Social Camels, which is inspired by the resilient camel, will provide brands the tools they need, to sustain and maintain their businesses especially during these unprecedented times and increased dependency on smart solutions and e-commerce.

Marketing and Business Strategy Director, Mayez Kabbara said “Inspired by the endurance, stamina and resilience of the Camel, the core vision of social camels is to support starting and growing organizations adapt in the constant change of market needs with our expert team that consists of highly-qualified professionals in the fields of social media, PR, and digital solutions.” 

Recent research conducted by istibyani.com shows that 91% of participants rely on their smartphone for most of their social media activities, with an average of 59% spending at least 2 hours on social media daily. Therefore, businesses today are relying heavily on organic and sponsored campaigns, focusing on mobile-friendly websites and investing in apps and e-commerce platforms.

About Social Camels:

Social Camels is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in social media, PR and digital campaigns.

To learn more about Social Camels, you can visit their website www.socialcamels.com or email marhaba@socialcamels.com for a free consultation. 

About 7awi:

A leading digital platform with verticals covering lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, travel, food and health. Founded in 2012 with offices in Dubai, Amman and Cairo. 7awi’s mission is to “inform and entertain the Arab youth!” 7awi reaches over 20 million monthly visitors and over 50 million social media followers.

To learn more about 7awi, you can visit their website www.7awi.com or email info@7awi.com

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