'Back to the Office' Survey

  • Publish date: Sunday، 26 September 2021
'Back to the Office' Survey

'Istibyani.com' conducted a survey on the extent of employees' satisfaction with returning to the office. The survey aims to identify issues related to office work and try to find solutions based on employees' experiences and needs.

A total of 650 employees of different age groups who work full or part-time from the Middle East and North Africa regions participated in answering the study's questionnaire, 65.5% of males and 34.5% of females.

The sizes of the companies covered by the study varied between small, medium and large companies, and it also included a sample of those who work as self-employed / freelancers.

As for the preferential results that came from the survey, 46.2% prefer working from the workplace, 31.4% prefer the flexible schedule (remotely and from the workplace), while 22.5% prefer working remotely.

In comparison with the actual situation, 63.2% of those who answered the survey actually work from the workplace, while 20% of them follow a flexible schedule that allows working remotely or from the workplace, and 16.8% work remotely.

Vaccination Status

When asked about taking the Coronavirus vaccine, 58% of said they received the two doses of the vaccine, and 12.8% received the first dose only, and while 16.3% reported that they did not receive the vaccine but plan to receive it, 12.9% ruled out the idea of ​​taking the vaccine. or even planning it.

According to the survey, receiving the vaccine is a key factor in why 30.6% are worried about the current outbreak of the Corona virus, while 34.3% expressed less concern a little about it, while 20.8% reported their concern about the outbreak of the Corona virus. 14.3% are very concerned about this.

52.6%, of the employees, feel completely comfortable with regards to returning to work from the office, while 18.2% of them expressed complete neutrality as they are neither comfortable nor uncomfortable with returning to the office, while 19.5% reported their dissatisfaction with returning to office work. While 9.7% admitted that they were not completely satisfied with returning to the office!

Areas of concern

In regards to areas of concern, 46.8% of the respondents worry about exposure to the Coronavirus in the workplace, while 30.8% expressed their concern about exposure to the Coronavirus while commuting to work, and 27.7% responded with concern about a decrease in exposure to the virus.

On the other hand, 25.1% of them reported their concern about the increase in monthly expenses, while 16.9% responded with concern about the possibility of spreading the Coronavirus to colleagues at work, and 15.7% feared a decrease in productivity.

The survey summarizes measures that would make employees feel more comfortable when returning to work from the office. 50.2% prefer regular deep cleaning and sterilization, and 37.7% were comfortable with the availability of hand sanitizers. While, 36.2% of the respondents find it necessary to wear masks in the office, and 32.5% of the respondents indicated their satisfaction with determining the number of employees in the office/workplace or working within the shift system.

In addition, 31.8% find it extremely important to obtain a vaccination certificate, and 28.5% see the importance of checking the temperature before entering the workplace, while 26.3% find it necessary to limit the number of visitors to the workplace, and 21.4% instruct the need to conduct random tests for the Coronavirus, while 15.1% report that nothing will make them feel more comfortable about returning to the workplace.

You can view the results of the 'Back to the Office' survey by clicking here!