DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN:- The Floral Wonderland

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DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN:- The Floral Wonderland

The Dubai Miracle Garden is the most extensive natural flower garden in the world due to the variety of 150 million flower beds sprawling in this floral wonderland. The gates to this spectacular garden open every season at the beginning of winter when the temperature cools down and the atmosphere gets pleasant. This garden runs over 72,000-sq-m and is an iconic spot for nature enthusiasts and science students as it contains deep knowledge about the different species of plants and flowers. This article covers all the essential aspects that would make you stroll to Dubai Miracle Garden. 


DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN:- The Floral Wonderland

The Dubai Miracle Garden is a verdant paradise whose mesmerizing beauty and alluring landscape make it a popular tourist destination. To begin with, this garden possesses a miracle charm to energize the kids through its artistic design of the floral clock, where all the flower beds are arranged sequentially in the pattern of a natural clock to signify the importance of time. Moreover, the Floating Lady is also a captivating sight of nature, taking the shape of a woman who lies in the air with her arms outstretched and her long hair playing in the wind. She represents peace and harmony. Next, the sunflower field dots with bright yellow as they dance in the company of the glowing sun that nourishes them and provides them with the inspiration to grow. However, The one thing that should be noticed is the replica of the Emirates A380 made with floral patterns that signify the popularity of this prestigious airline due to its powerful jumbo jets. Now comes the fun part where even if you are not a nature lover, you would still want to visit this garden because of the 3D floral characters like the creation of Smurfs Village that would enlighten the inner child within you while appreciating the ingenious mind of the designers.


DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN:- The Floral Wonderland

A picturesque and colorful tunnel flowing with umbrellas on the top would amaze you, and you might pinch yourself to check if you are actually in reality. The Umbrella Tunnel is one of the most fantasy tunnels in the world, as the numerous shades of umbrellas cast a natural glow everywhere. It is a popular spot for art and craft lovers and photographers hunting for something crisp to show to everyone. 


DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN:- The Floral Wonderland

The romantic vibes playing through the entry of the Heart Tunnel would make you feel as if you are walking in the world of Romeo and Juliette. The Heart Passage is decorated with the shapes of hearts ranging from glowing red to bright pink shades. It is a fantastic tunnel for couples who adore clicking their pictures for beautiful memories in front of artistic designs. Moreover, it tends to be one of the most iconic proposal spots globally. 


DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN:- The Floral Wonderland

The rush of excitement pounding through your body is inevitable as you get camouflaged with the haven of serenity in this magical garden. It rightfully deserves its name for being called the Garden of Miracles as your every step would take you to something new and unbelievable, like the fictional teddy bear designs and the floral castle’s beauty resembling the Disney world. Most tourists think of skipping this place as it’s merely a typical garden in any country. However, you are entirely wrong because there is none like the Dubai Miracle Garden.

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