Dubai Witnesses 2000% Increase in Women Freezing Their Eggs at Clinics

  • Publish date: Sunday، 06 August 2023
Dubai Witnesses 2000% Increase in Women Freezing Their Eggs at Clinics

According to Arabian Business, fertility clinics in Dubai have witnessed a staggering 20-fold surge in the number of women seeking egg freezing procedures compared to the previous year (2021).

“Egg freezing has become increasingly popular worldwide, including the UAE over recent years,” said Luciano Nardo, CEO and founder of NOW-fertility.

“More and more women are asking to cryopreserve their eggs in a modern, career driven and financially stable environment. This is the result of a trend towards fertility preservation as well as an empowered female society, technological advancements and favorable changes in the legislation.

Since then, a multitude of women have opted for egg freezing for diverse reasons, with the prevailing sentiment indicating that the majority of women are prioritizing their careers and pursuing higher education.

According to the law, human embryos are permitted to be frozen for a maximum of five years, with the possibility of extension if all relevant parties give their consent.

Additionally, single women are allowed to freeze their eggs on the condition that they utilize them for their own pregnancy after marriage, using their husband's sperm in an IVF procedure. However, surrogacy, as well as egg and sperm donations, continue to be prohibited in the UAE.

“We see a clear trend towards egg freezing and fertility preservation in the last 1-2 years,” said Medical Director at the Orchid IVF clinic in Dubai, Dr. Dimitrios Kafetzis.

A decade ago, the technology and scientific knowledge for egg freezing were limited, leading to less effective methods and significant egg loss upon defrosting. Presently, advancements have reduced the loss during thawing to 10-20 percent, although some inefficiencies still continue.

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