Power Shortage Forces Closure of 12 Gaza Hospitals and 32 Clinics

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 October 2023
Power Shortage Forces Closure of 12 Gaza Hospitals and 32 Clinics

The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza reports that due to Israeli attacks and fuel shortages, 12 hospitals and 32 medical facilities are currently out of operation.

The closures have been implemented in the two weeks following the Hamas attack in southern Israel, which sparked a siege of Gaza and a barrage of airstrikes in retaliation, killing more than 5,000 Palestinians and displacing more than one million others.

Al Shifaa Hospital, which serves more than 600 injured and ill patients and houses 45,000 displaced people, is in danger of collapse due to a lack of beds and medical supplies.

Ashraf Al Qudra, spokesman for the ministry said, "Gaza's health system has reached the worst stage in its history. "

Dr. Abu Saad said, “If the air strikes continue, then we will not be able to cater to this amount of people. The hospital and its surroundings have been targeted various times and every hour we receive a huge number of patients. We don't have any more beds to offer, so the majority of new patients are getting treatment on the floor.”

Over 5,000 women are expected to give birth in the next month, and there are about 166 unsafe deliveries per day. Around 50,000 pregnant women struggle to get access to healthcare.

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