Dubai's Burj Khalifa Named World's Most Popular Landmark

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 09 August 2023
Dubai's Burj Khalifa Named World's Most Popular Landmark

Dubai's Burj Khalifa was named the world's most popular landmark based on the number of visitors it draws in every year, according to research conducted analytics website Switch On Business. 

The tallest tower standing at 828 meters tall attracts 17 million visitors annually, "earning around $621 million in ticket revenue," the study showed.

In second place is India's Taj Mahal, which also garnered 7.5 million visitors per year, followed by Niagara Falls in third, which is visited by around 13 million people annually.

Moreover, Burj Khalifa receives nearly 22 million Google searches per year, while Taj Mahal attracts 22 million searches annually, and Niagara Falls gets over 1.2 million searches.

The platform analyzed search volumes and average visitor numbers for over 150 of the world's most well-known landmarks.

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