Eid Al Adha Most Likely to Fall on This Date

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 22 June 2022
Eid Al Adha Most Likely to Fall on This Date
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According to the Emirates Astronomy Society, the Islamic month of Zul Hijjah is likely to begin on Thursday, June 30, while the festival of Eid Al Adha, which is marked on Zul Hijjah 10, will fall on July 9, the day of Arafah will be on Zul Hijjah 9.

The corresponding Gregorian date of the day is Friday, July 8, according to Ibrahim Al Jarwan, head of the society.

UAE residents will get a four-day holiday to mark the festival. The break includes the Day of Arafah and three days of Eid Al Adha. As per astronomical calculations, the break would likely be from Friday, July 8, to Monday, July 11.