How to Become a Teacher in Dubai. Here are Tips to Help You

  • Publish date: Friday، 21 January 2022 Last update: Monday، 16 May 2022
How to Become a Teacher in Dubai. Here are Tips to Help You

So many people want to teach in Dubai for several reasons. Teachers who have successfully done so say teaching in the city has been the best decision they have ever made. 

Indeed, teaching is not just hard work, it requires specific characteristics and qualifications, yet the positives outweigh the negatives. The perks are plentiful. Tax-free salary, countless teacher benefits such as free accommodation, housing allowance, an annual flight home each year, and more.  

Work Experience

If you are a teacher by profession, then you have an advantage.

Getting Sponsored

Through sponsorship, you can come to Dubai on a tourist visa, and get sponsored by a school or educational entity. Schools are always hiring and looking for great talent. 

When she arrived, she proceeded to the HR and she was accepted.

Tips on Finding a Teaching Job in Dubai

- Make sure you do your homework before you fly to Dubai. It will save you time and money. Apply online for positions. There are few websites that specialize in educational roles such as Dubizzle and Indeed

Education is held at a high pedestal in Dubai. It is a highly respected profession. Parents are also very supportive of their children’s education. Indeed, to some people, the only way for you to realize how good some of your teachers were is when you start teaching yourself.

Here is a checklist of what is required to apply for a teacher role in Dubai

1. A Bachelor's degree

School teachers in the UAE are required to have at least a completed Bachelor's degree.

It does not have to be in Education, but it can also be a relevant field that is related to your job - for example, a high school Business teacher must have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Management, Economics, or other related subjects.

For major subjects such as Maths, Biology, etc. most schools in Dubai will require the teacher to possess a Bachelor's degree in that field.

2. A Master's degree (or higher)

To become a teacher in Dubai, a Master's degree or higher in a relevant field may be needed in some private schools.

Teaching in Dubai with a master's degree or higher in your belt may provide you with better pay, benefits, and job flexibility.

3. A minimum of three years of teaching experience

If you want to work as a full-time teacher in any school, university, college, or other learning institution in Dubai, you will need experience. You will need a certain number of teaching hours in order to be eligible for a teaching license, which will vary by country.

This can be done through internships, part-time work, or any teaching activities required to complete your Bachelor's degree (if you studied in the field of Education).

4. Good conduct certificate

As per KHDA rules, expatriates wishing to teach in Dubai will need a good conduct certificate from the previous country they worked in.

This certificate is a mandatory document that is needed to get a valid teacher license and permit in Dubai.

5. A valid teaching certificate or license

Expat teachers in Dubai require a teacher permit issued by the Knowledge and Health Development Authority (KHDA), which will only be given after the UAE Ministry of Education provides you with a federal UAE teacher license.

An educational institution in Dubai cannot hire you without a valid teaching license, as this is one of the requirements to be eligible for a teaching position.

School teachers in Dubai will also need to have secured a teaching certificate or license beforehand - this is usually secured in the other countries the expat studied/worked in.

A teaching certificate will show the grade or school level you are trained and qualified to teach, such as preschool level, high school level, etc. Teaching exams vary for school levels.

To acquire a teaching license in your home country or other countries, you will typically need to complete a teacher preparatory program and a minimum number of supervised teaching experience.