Ramadan Will Come Twice in 2030

  • Publish date: Thursday، 01 April 2021 Last update: Friday، 02 April 2021
Ramadan Will Come Twice in 2030

Ramadan is often anticipated via the lunar cycle, which moves forward 10-11 days each year. Ramadan usually happens once a year and then follows the Eid holidays.

But we will come around a year where we will encounter not one but two Ramadans as astronomers have been able to predict there will be two Ramadans by 2030.

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The chief executive officer of the Dubai Astronomy Group Hassan Ahmed Al Hariri said, “The solar calendar and the lunar calendar run separately from each other and are different. The solar one is fixed with the sun, while the lunar calendar is always 11 days shorter. So having two Ramadans is a natural result of having two different calendars.”

Al Hariri also added saying that, “Calendars were invented by humans so we could use it as a benchmark and to count the time. People should see the two Ramadans as a natural thing.”

It’s expected that Ramadan will be seen in early January, with Eid Al Fitr in early February, and then Ramadan later in the year right after the festive season in December.

If the current standing rule by the government is untouched by 2030, this will mean that both private and public sector will not only get two Ramadans but two holiday timeslots as well.