East VS West

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East VS West


India and Canada are among the largest democracies in the world, promoting multiculturalism and diversity. While on the one hand, India is like several countries within one country where each Indian state is unique in its language, food, dressing style and religious beliefs; Canada is a land of immigrants where the origins of almost every Canadian citizen technically belong to some other country. I feel blessed to have experienced the lives of both countries, with India being my birthplace, where I resided for sixteen years, and Canada becoming my future, where I set my steps to adulthood. Let us take a closer look at how these two vast countries differ from each other.


Life in India is quite adventurous and thrilling, like an action movie. To begin with, driving a car in India is like playing a video game where anything and anyone can come at any time from all directions. One does not need to sit on a rollercoaster while driving on the streets of India, where unexpected stops and turns are ordinary, accompanied by the harsh melody of cars frequently honking at each other. The time commitment in India is a struggle as people are lenient about advanced planning. Hence, mornings are like a battlefield with all the household members pouncing on each other like soldiers, from children getting late for school to parents becoming anxious about work. Surviving through the Indian school system is an achievement as it is like an army training camp with strictness imposed on punctuality and carefully adhering to the rules and regulations like wearing the proper school uniform, restricting mobile phones on school premises, banning the use of calculators while doing assignments or writing exams and assigning holiday homework during summer vacations to keep the students occupied. However, specific positive things about India, too, could be worth mentioning. Social life blooms here as anyone can drop in at a neighbour’s or a friend’s house without informing them for friendly conversations over tea. One can never feel lonely in India with the chorus of street vendors, rickshaw drivers and street animals invading the neighbourhoods and adding to its charm. On the weekends, people often go for outings like family lunches or movie theatres as one can get household labour and servants to do all the chores at an affordable price. One thing about people in India is that they will go on talking despite saying goodbye to each other, as they possess the quality to enlighten any conversation. 


Life in Canada might seem boring after taking a glimpse of Indian life as it is organized and led on a serious note. But let us not forget that this could also cause rising anxiety and depression among the inhabitants. Driving in Canada is systematic and drools over safety concerns with strict laws imposed for wearing seatbelts while even sitting in the back of the car. It is prohibited here to honk while driving without an emergency. Time commitment in Canada has become the law, with everyone preparing well in advance to be punctual for every appointment. People start informing the other person of the delay even if they start running a minute late. Unlike the Indian school system, the Canadian system is pretty relaxed and enjoyable, as teachers mostly understand when students arrive late for classes or miss some assignments. Most Canadian schools do not have school uniforms, and technology like mobile phones and laptops is highly encouraged on the school premises. Children do not get any holiday homework during the two-month summer break, so fretting over school during vacations is never the scenario.

On the contrary, high levels of isolation and loneliness have made mental health a primary concern in Canada. Everyone is so busy in life that they only have a little spare time to spend on social gatherings. One must inform someone before going to their house; otherwise, it is considered disrespectful and rude. If someone living alone dies, the neighbours may not know about it until a week has passed as social life withers here. During weekends people are occupied doing household chores as household help is quite expensive, and most people cannot afford it. One thing about people in Canada is that despite saying hi to each other, they will hardly have time to talk as they would be rushing for something. 


Although there is a stark contrast between Indian and Canadian lifestyles, both countries are exceptional and provide wisdom for the upcoming generations due to their deep-rooted cultural and traditional beliefs. Furthermore, their warm and hospitable governments make every possible effort to attract foreign investments and businesses, so both countries are flourishing toward prosperity and success. 

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