Experience Optimal Airflow in Every Corner with LG Dual Vane Cassette

Welcome personalized comfort, enjoy far-reaching airflow in any space, no extra accessories needed—thanks to LG's innovative Dual Vane Cassettes.

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 29 November 2023
Experience Optimal Airflow in Every Corner with LG Dual Vane Cassette

Dubai - Novmeber 2023 - Air conditioning is everywhere now. But what makes a device really special is that it can efficiently spread airflow to every corner of your home or office without costing you an arm and a leg. That's exactly what LG Dual Vane Cassettes are all about. No matter how big your home, office, or restaurant is, this Dual Vane air cooling system will make the air around you more comfortable than ever. 

Say goodbye to freezing blasts and uneven cooling

Imagine this - You're lying on a bed, but your torso feels like it is being placed somewhere on a warm beach and your legs are in a cold desert. Not so comfortable, is it? With LG Dual Vane Cassettes, you take control of the entire air conditioning system in the most optimized manner – That means no random air blasts freezing your body.

The Cassette's secret lies in its two independent vanes that work in perfect harmony to spread airflow evenly throughout your room. Plus, the Indirect Wind and Up & Down Swing feature shifts the airflow away from you and maintains a comfortable room temperature, creating a soothing breeze that wraps you to pamper your senses.

The hard-to-reach areas are now within reach too with LG Dual Vane Cassette's Direct Wind innovation. It can throw airflow up to 5 meters so that no corner feels deserted of ample cooling.

Transforming your comfort with a touch of intelligence and lots of innovation

Pacing around your air conditioner should be valid only if you're trying to finish those 10k steps daily quantum, not for controlling your system. With LG Dual Vane Cassettes, you just have to grab your smartphone and control your comfort - thanks to LG ThinQ integration. From tracking energy usage to getting real-time updates, the tech enables you to receive all - with a few taps.

But there’s more.

Smart Sensor tech, such as the Floor Temperature Sensor and Human Detector Function, ensures energy-efficient airflow as per the area temperature and people around. On top of this, the Dual Vane Cassette comes with air purification function, removing odor, germs, and PM 1.0 fine dust. So, breathe cleaner air with this CAC-certified, high-performance indoor unit.

If superior, far-reaching airflow is your need, upgrade your air conditioning system with LG Dual Vane Cassette. Enjoy air cooling wherever, however you want. Get your equipment from authorized online and offline platforms.

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