A New e-Scooter and Bicycle Monitoring Platform Announced by RTA

  • Publish date: Friday، 05 May 2023
A New e-Scooter and Bicycle Monitoring Platform Announced by RTA

The Enterprise Command and Control Center (EC3) of Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a comprehensive monitoring platform to incorporate bicycles, e-scooters, and other non-motorized modes of transportation.

According to the RTA, the initiative, which makes use of AI (artificial intelligence) technology, would not only make commuting easier but also improve traffic safety while crossing lanes designated for pedestrians and bicycles.

“This platform is a crucial initiative under the umbrella of RTA's EC3 aimed at enhancing the quality of services and smooth, safe, and secure mobility for users. It assists in the preparation of technical studies and promotes the integration of multiple mobility means. Ultimately, it leads to a seamless and integrated travel journey for public transport riders and ensures the safety and security of all users of Dubai's roads,” said Hussain Al Banna, CEO of the Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector at RTA.

The platform will contribute to improved performance and traffic safety on all crossing lanes and tracks designated for pedestrians and bikers by verifying compliance with the geographical zone and monitoring the numbers permitted in each zone. It also monitors compliance with the speed limits and issues alerts for violations,” he further added.

The integrated platform for soft mobility, or non-motorized transportation like bicycles and scooters, integrates service providers' systems to the EC3, claims RTA. Five soft mobility service providers, including four shared e-scooter operators and one shared e-bike operator, have been integrated with the initial phase.

An additional eleven areas were added in the first quarter of 2023, giving a total of 21 regions operating over 2,500 e-scooters. In 2022, shared electric scooters were used on over a million rides. Additionally, over 1.3 million trips were made on the 1,750 shared bikes distributed across 28 areas in Dubai in 2022.

RTA is continually operating a number of programs to guarantee commuters' safety and comfort, improve the integration of public transportation options, and advance the use of soft mobility for first- and last-mile trips as well as short trips. 

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