Here's When Schools in the UAE Will Have Their Half-Term Break

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 24 January 2023
Here's When Schools in the UAE Will Have Their Half-Term Break
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The first break of the year, half-term, will take place next month, during which many schools in the UAE will be closed for a week.

Due to the weekend falling on February 11 and 12, as well as February 18 and 19, schools will be closed from February 13 to February 17. However, the holiday will extend for nine days. On Monday, February 20, classes will begin again. All Britain, Taaleem, and some GEMS schools will follow the same dates. 

The half-term break will not occur next month for Indian schools that start their academic year in April, but they will get a longer break at the end of March. Schools following the Ministry of Education's curriculum will be closed from March 27 to April 14.

Schools are permitted certain calendar variations as long as they achieve a predetermined number of school days each year.

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