Over 700 Teaching Jobs Open in UAE for the Next Academic Year

  • Publish date: Friday، 19 January 2024
Over 700 Teaching Jobs Open in UAE for the Next Academic Year

As the UAE gears up for the next academic year starting in August, more than 700 teaching positions are up for recruitment in schools across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. With nearly 500 roles in Dubai, over 150 in Abu Dhabi, and several dozen in Sharjah, diverse opportunities are available for educators.

Notable School Groups with Vacancies

Leading school groups such as Gems Education, Taaleem, Bloom Education, and Aldar have numerous vacancies. From positions like music teachers to head teachers, schools like Dubai British School Emirates Hills, Sunmarke School, and Gems Wellington International School are actively recruiting.

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Focus on Specialized Subjects and Challenges

Many schools, including Dubai British School Jumeirah Park and Gems Wellington International School, are seeking physics teachers, while Arcadia Global School has openings for secondary science and math teachers. Hiring experts for these specialized subjects proves challenging, but the demand remains high.

UAE's Attractiveness for Teachers

Taaleem, a prominent school operator in Dubai, aims to hire 450 to 500 teachers for the upcoming academic year. Higher interest from educators looking to work in the UAE is observed, attributed to cost-of-living concerns in other parts of the world. Taaleem emphasizes competitive packages, including tax-free salaries, housing allowances, and more.

Recruitment Process and Competitive Salaries

To secure the best talent, schools start their recruitment process early. Taaleem, for instance, advertises vacancies online, conducts recruitment fairs in the UK and the UAE, and aims to have contracts signed by March or April. Salaries for teachers in UAE schools vary but typically range from Dh9,000 to Dh14,000 per month, with additional benefits such as housing allowances and end-of-service gratuity. Top-end schools may offer higher salaries, making the UAE an attractive destination for educators globally.

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