More Palestinian Patients Arrive in the UAE

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 November 2023
More Palestinian Patients Arrive in the UAE

A flight with more than 170 Palestinians landed at the Abu Dhabi International Airport on Monday, Nov. 27.

More than 90 of these Palestinians are patients and most of them are elderly and most of these patients suffer from cancer.

Some of these patients have trauma issues because of which they are flown into the UAE. 

These patients are accompanied by family members or relatives, who are 80 to 90 in number. 

The patients and their caretakers crossed the Rafah border into Egypt during the four-day temporary truce between Israel and Hamas.

Sheikh Mohamed's Initiative

President of the UAE Sheikh Mohamed launched an initiative earlier in November to fly in 1,000 Palestinian cancer patients to the UAE for treatment.

The UAE President also launched an initiative to provide medical treatment to 1,000 Palestinian children and their families from the Gaza Strip.

The UAE is also about to build a field hospital in Gaza, which will include 150 beds and provide anaesthetics, surgery, gynaecology, and intensive care units for children and adults. 

Image source: @bint_jumeirah X page

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