Breaking: ICJ Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide in Gaza

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 January 2024
Breaking: ICJ Orders Israel to Prevent Genocide in Gaza

The top court of the United Nations issued a directive on Friday, instructing Israel to take all necessary measures to prevent death, destruction, and potential acts of genocide in its military offensive in Gaza.

This ruling came as a response to South Africa's allegation that Israel's campaign in the Gaza Strip amounted to genocide.

While the court did not order an immediate cease-fire, the decision still delivered a significant reprimand to Israel for its wartime conduct.

The ruling adds to the growing international pressure urging Israel to halt its offensive, which has resulted in the death of over 26,000 Palestinians, extensive damage to Gaza, and the displacement of nearly 85% of its 2.3 million population.

In a highly anticipated decision involving a panel of 17 judges, the International Court of Justice chose not to dismiss the case and instead mandated six provisional measures to safeguard Palestinians in Gaza.

This case underscores one of the world's most complex conflicts and highlights the global concern surrounding the ongoing military operations in the region.