Here's How Dubai Plans to Support Retirees in Their New Program

  • Publish date: Thursday، 25 January 2024
Here's How Dubai Plans to Support Retirees in Their New Program

Dubai has launched a groundbreaking support scheme catering to Emiratis in or near retirement as part of the Dubai Social Agenda 33. The 'Dubai Retiree Projects Support' initiative aims to harness the skills and expertise of retirees, enabling them to actively contribute to the ongoing development of Dubai. The program facilitates the establishment of business ventures and encourages retirees to participate in government projects, fostering continued engagement in the city's progress.

Program Benefits and Services

Participants enrolled in the 'Dubai Retiree Projects Support' program will receive consultation support for their projects and enjoy a service fee exemption for five years. The Dubai Police General Command is spearheading the creation of a regularly updated database to monitor the expertise and specialized skills of retirees, streamlining their involvement in various projects.

Enhancing Financial Stability

As part of the initiative, a council for retirees will be established to facilitate communication, offering additional job opportunities to enhance financial stability. The program emphasizes the utilization of retirees' capabilities and expertise through collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), prioritizing their participation in government projects and bids.

Holistic Support Services

Retired UAE citizens in Dubai, along with those approaching retirement, can apply for the program through Dubai SME. In addition to business support, the initiative provides consultations to help retirees plan for the next phase of their lives, ensuring a fulfilling retirement and an ongoing positive contribution to society. The program also extends its support in collaboration with private sector companies based in Dubai, fostering a comprehensive and integrated approach.

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