Prominent Traditional Eid Sweets

  • Publish date: Monday، 03 May 2021 Last update: Saturday، 23 October 2021
Prominent Traditional Eid Sweets

Eid el-Adha is around the corner with all of it's joyful traditions such as getting new clothes and gathering with loved ones, but most importantly, devouring sweets! Families gather around to celebrate Eid el-Adha after more than a month from Eid al-Fitr and eat mouth-watering Eid Sweets.

Here are some traditional sweets to look out for during Eid visits!

  • Luqaimat

Recipe for Crowds favorite, Luqaimat - GulfToday

Luqaimat are dumplings drizzled with date molasses are widely regarded as the official sweet of the UAE and are a must-have for the occasion.

  • Klecha

Kleicha - Wikipedia

Klecha is an Iraqi cookie-like dessert stuffed with dates, it’s specially made during both Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Iraqis make klecha at home the night before Eid, filling the house with an amazing smell, I call it the scent of Eid.

  • Ma’amoul

Maamoul Is Date Filled Arabian Cookies - Munaty Cooking

They are widely popular in the Levant, and is typically made during the religious holidays like Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Stuffed with date paste or chopped walnuts or pistachios depending on your own taste, then finally covered with powdered sugar.

  • Baklava

Vegan Baklava- No dairy! - The Big Man

Baklava is originally Turkish and they are paper-thin layers of dough are filled with chopped nuts and is held together by honey. Also, it makes for an ideal gift.

  • Kunafa

20 places to get amazing kunafa and Arabic sweets in the UAE | Going-out –  Gulf News

Kunafa is a vermicelli-based cheesy pastry that comes soaked in a sugar-based syrup and is an absolute treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

It is important to remain healthy with all of these sweets this Ramadan and safe.

Image Source: Food Heritage Foundation