• Publish date: Friday، 01 September 2023

Sandal Ruby — the exclusive fragrance by Carolina Herrera —  is a woody ode to the color red as well as Carolina A. Herrera’s memories of her family. At the origins of Sandal Ruby lies a red dress that her mother, Carolina Herrera, gave to her on the occasion of her 18th birthday to match another gift from her father: a ring with a small ruby set into it.


Rubies, a symbol of elegance and luxury, has accompanied the New York brand since its origins (1981). Known as the Queen of the Gemstones, rubies evoke Carolina Herrera’s aesthetic codes: sophistication, bright alegría de vivir, and uniqueness are among its key values. It is not by chance that this emblematic color has been used in the fashion and perfumes of the house since the inception of the brand. “Red has always been part of my creations. It exudes a daring and mysterious charisma. Red empowersand embellishes — that is why we continue to create clothes, accessories, and scents  with its hue,” explains Carolina Herrera.

To embrace the essence of the red allure, Carolina Herrera has chosen to collaborate with Marwa Al Hashemi, an award-winning Emirati endurance horse rider and rising beauty influencer. She is currently part of the Carolina Herrera Beauty Squad and has captivated the attention of beauty enthusiasts worldwide thanks to her captivating content, as well as her elegance and personality. The only Emirati influencer selected to play the lead role in the Herrera Confidential collection, is shown through a series of stunning shots. This collaboration showcases the entire Herrera Confidential line with Marwa Al Hashemi as a model, seamlessly merging her equestrian background with the world of beauty.

Sandal Ruby: The Harmonious contrast of strength and delicacy

Rubies convey delicacy but also strength: they are one of the most resilient stones in the world. The Sandal Ruby formula is built around this contrast. This jewel-scent balances the power of Sandalwood and Cedarwood with the softness of a Milk Accord. The elegance of the Woody accords is heightened by the luminosity of Tuberose Petals, the signature flower of Carolina Herrera, and the joy of Spices. Like all precious stones, Sandal Ruby shines from within, infusing wonderfully with a heart of White Flowers.

Its exquisiteness also derives from the nobility of the raw materials used: each ingredient has been polished like a gemstone in order to sculpt a scent inspired by the richness of nuances of Middle Eastern perfumery. A harmonious cut is essential to amplify the brightness and the beauty of a precious stone. The same happens with the structure of this perfume, a meticulous and artisanal challenge.

Sandal Ruby, a perfume for men and women, is the central piece of Herrera Confidential, the unisex line with a custom couture spirit inspired by the Middle East and the ritual of layering. Confidential invites us to mix and match highly concentrated oils with high couture fragrances in order to create a personal and unique scent. The ritual of layering the fragrances in your own special way demonstrates that personalization is the new luxury.

About Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is an international fashion and beauty house recognized for its colorful, joyful, and confident take on life. Founded in 1981 by Carolina Herrera, the eponymous label's scope has steadily grown and now includes ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for women, men, and children, as well as bridal wear, fragrances, and makeup. The House's fragrance adventure began in 1988 with the launch of Carolina Herrera’s first eau de parfum. In 1996, Mrs. Herrera's daughter, Carolina A. Herrera, joined the company for the launch of 212 and was appointed to the role of Beauty Creative Director in 2020.

Today, she leads a division that comprises over 20 fragrances with a presence in more than 120 countries worldwide - including the Herrera Confidential collection, CH, Bad Boy and the wildly successful Good Girl and 212 - and is also responsible for the brand's first-ever makeup line, Carolina Herrera Makeup. A quintessentially New York brand, the House of Herrera is defined by its three lines: Helmed by Creative Director Wes Gordon, Carolina Herrera New York embodies the fearless and fabulous women of today who aren't afraid to stand out in style. CH Carolina Herrera portrays a bold, sunny, and free-spirited approach to fashion and beauty. Finally, 212 Carolina Herrera is aligned with the fresh energy of young New Yorkers who live for social events  and shared experiences. Known for embracing elegance with a touch of irreverence, the brand's fashion and beauty collections reflect the iconic style and effortless sophistication inherent to its founder, Carolina Herrera.

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