Sharjah Coop Inaugurates Al Atta Mosque

  • Publish date: Sunday، 03 April 2022
Sharjah Coop Inaugurates Al Atta Mosque

Sharjah Cooperative launched Al Atta Mosque, with a charity contribution from its shareholders, demonstrating the cooperative's sense of social solidarity and reaffirming Emirati ideals based on Islamic Sharia.

Opening Al Atta Mosque Sharjah 

Sharjah Cooperative launched Al Atta Mosque in coincides with the holy month of Ramadan 2022. Al Atta Mosque openning was attended by Saeed Sultan Baljio Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Sharjah Cooperative Society Abdullah Khalifa Yaroof Al Suboosi, Chairman of the Sharjah Directorate of Islamic Affairs, members of the Sharjah Cooperative's board of directors, the Sharjah Cooperative's CEO, department executives and directors, and a number of directors and officials from the Directorate of Islamic Affairs attended the opening.

About Al Atta Mosque Sharjah 

Al Atta Mosque Sharjah was constructed on a 5,169-square-metre site and can hold around 1,100 worshipers. Al Atta Mosque is located in Sharjah's Al Raqiba 4 neighbourhood. 

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