Top 10 Cooking Instagram Influencers in the GCC 2022

  • Publish date: Thursday، 17 February 2022 Last update: Thursday، 20 October 2022
Top 10 Cooking Instagram Influencers in the GCC 2022

Social Media platforms helped a lot in the cooking industry by making it much easier to display food pictures and share recipes on the go. There are many popular influencers in the cooking industry, and here is a list of the top 10 cooking Instagram Influencers in the GCC region 2022. 

Top 10 Cooking Influencers on Instagram 

Ahmad Al Zamel 

Ahmad Al Zamel is a Kuwaiti Chef and food blogger that transformed his hobby into a career and a successful project, and he has 4.2M followers on Instagram.  

Hisham Baeshen 

Hisham Baeshen is a Saudi food blogger and one of the most influential chefs in the world, and he is specialized in popular dishes in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. Hisham Beashen has 3.6M followers on Instagram. 

Manal Alalem 

Manal Alalem is a Palestinian Jordanian chef professional and TV Chef that lives in Kuwait, she is known for cooking Middle Eastern and Arab cuisines, besides international dishes and sweets. Chef Manal also works as an ambassador for the World Food Programme, leading specialized culinary courses for women and setting up the Manal Club. Manal Alalem has 3.5 followers on Instagram.   

Chef Shaheen 

Shaheen is an Iraqi chef and recipe developer that lives in UAE. He studied Architect, but his passion for cooking took him to participate in Masterchef UK. Shaheen focuses on fun presentations and interesting Arabic food making, which sent his Instagram accounts into 3M followers.   

Noor Alghannam 

Noor Alghannam is a Kuwaiti food blogger that keeps creating simple and delicious recipes from Arabic and international cuisines, and she has 1.9 followers on Instagram.   

Wejdan Mohammad  

Wejdan Mohammad is a Saudi food Vlogger and recipe developer that is talented in cooking. Despite her young age, she has proved her prowess in preparing the most difficult Arab dishes from all Middle Eastern countries. Wejdan Mohammad has 1.8M followers on Instagram.   

Bnt Alhashemi  

Bnt Alhashemi is a Kuwaiti cooker and recipe developer for Middle Eastern and international dishes. She attracted people to follow her by providing easy and simple recipes. Bnt Alhashemi has 1.8M followers.  

Ali Basha   

Ali Basha is a Saudi food Vlogger that shares Saudi and international recipes, and he keeps sharing the recipes for dishes from the most famous restaurants. Ali Basha has 1.2M followers on Instagram.  

Leyla Fathallah 

Leyla Fathallah's passion for food drove her to open a small catering business from home, then she participated in the ‘star chef’ competition, and she won! After, she became the fresh face of Fatafeat channel, and now she has 1.1M followers on Instagram.   

Ahmed Aziz  

Ahmed Aziz is a Saudi chef and food blogger; his videos keep going viral because he uses simple cooking techniques and creates delicious recipes. Ahmed Aziz has 1M followers on Instagram.   

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