Dubai ranks high amongst cities with longest working hours

Once again, Dubai makes the global news

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 June 2018 Last update: Sunday، 05 December 2021
Dubai ranks high amongst cities with longest working hours
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Once again, Dubai makes the top list but this time it is not in the usual list. A study was published that put Dubai amongst the top in working hours.

Swiss bank UBS published its 2018 ‘Prices and Earnings’ report that ranks Dubai sixth out of 77 cities surveyed, with an average of 2,323.0 hours worked per year.

Mumbai ranked first with 3,314.7, while Hanoi and Mexico City came in second and third with 2,691.4 and 2,622.1 hours worked per year, respectively.

In our region, Dubai was the only city in the GCC to crack the top 10, with Doha coming in closest at 13th place with 2,249.6 hours per year.

The top 10 list breaks down as follows:

  1. Mumbai, India – 3,314.7
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam, – 2,691.4
  3. Mexico City, Mexico – 2,622.1
  4. New Delhi, India – 2,511.4
  5. Bogota, Colombia – 2,357.8
  6. Dubai, UAE – 2,323.0
  7. Istanbul, Turkey – 2,318.6
  8. Seoul, South Korea – 2,307.2
  9. Manila, Philippines – 2,288.8
  10. Nairobi, Kenya – 2,285.4