Cyclone Shaheen Weakens as it Moves South

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 October 2021
Cyclone Shaheen Weakens as it Moves South
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Officials from the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), confirmed to the ARN News Centre that the cyclone 'Shaheenis "weakening" as it moves southward.

Oceans around the UAE coastline continue to be dangerous and rough as wave heights of eight to nine feet have been recorded offshore at Oman Sea, with waves reaching five feet over the East coast of the country.

The Arabian Gulf is also seeing waves as tall as five to seven feet.

However, the cyclone is expected to weaken with movement to the South of the country in the Empty Quarter.

Al Ain, continues to see an impact from the cyclone.

Light to moderate rain will continue until late afternoon, decreasing gradually by evening.

Fresh winds can reach up to 45 km/h during the day, causing blowing dust and sand and reducing visibility.