All Beach-goers To Be Warned About Snakes In The UAE

Between November to February they become quite common

  • Publish date: Friday، 30 October 2020 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021

Just before the long weekend occurred a circular was issued  by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, about poisonous sea snakes swimming in the emirate's shallow coastal waters.

Mainly found during the winter season, these snakes begin to appear during the months of November to February as the temperatures fall. If any of them are noticed on a visit to the beach, it is advised to keep distance as they might not always be fatal, but can attack the visitor in self-defense. 

The UAE is home to around five to six of the world's 70 known species of sea snakes and can be found feeding on smaller fish and mating.

The most common snakes that you might spot in the UAE are the Yellow-bellied sea snake, Arabian Gulf sea snake and the Ornate reef sea snake.

On a rare occasion, if the snake’s poisonous venom is released, a person's nervous system can be damaged and interrupt the blood from clotting properly. In case of any bite by these sea snakes, immediate medical attention is essential and the patient must be taken to the hospital at the earliest. However, as these sea snakes are shy to approach swimmers, they will not bite unless they are scared or feel threatened.

More information regarding the type of snakes can be found here

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