Two Emirati Adventurers Went from the UAE to Europe by Car

  • Publish date: Monday، 31 July 2023
Two Emirati Adventurers Went from the UAE to Europe by Car

The spirit of adventure knows no bounds and two Emirati men, Sultan and Thiyab, have reassured this concept in their latest amazing journey.

Venturing beyond the horizon, they take off on a car journey from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Europe. Sultan and Thiyab, both well-known adventurers in their homeland.

They planned their grand journey for over a year. They looked over every possible aspect, from the weather and landscape they would encounter to the car's maintenance and the necessary precautions for maintaining good health on the road.

Their journey kicked off in the UAE, in a car that was carefully prepared and packed with all the essentials they would need. This epic journey spanned thousands of kilometers, taking them through several countries. They witnessed a variety of climatic zones, faced unforeseen challenges, and met diverse cultures.

Their journey took approximately 30 days to complete. Each day brought with it new challenges, yet the two adventurers met them with enthusiasm and delight. They recorded their journey, capturing impressive images and fascinating stories. The trip was not just about exploring new lands and cultures but also a chance to challenge themselves, pushing their limits, and testing their endurance. In the end, they proved that with determination and the right preparation, nothing is unachievable.

Their journey was completed in a bright orange Toyota Land Cruiser. Also, their car’s hood included an image of the UAE's founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The two Emirati adventurers drove through these 13 countries:
    •    Saudi Arabia
    •    Kuwait
    •    Iraq
    •    Turkey
    •    Bulgaria
    •    Serbia
    •    Hungary
    •    Austria
    •    Liechtenstein
    •    Switzerland
    •    France
    •    Belgium
    •    The Netherlands

In a world that's quickly embracing the virtual, Sultan and Thiyab's physical journey brings a breath of fresh air.

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