UAE President: Our Country's Economy is Among the Most Powerful

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 July 2022
UAE President: Our Country's Economy is Among the Most Powerful

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan affirmed that the UAE "will continue to support global energy security." In a televised speech on Wednesday, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed said that the UAE's economy is one of the most powerful and growing, stressing that "economic competitiveness and the development of capabilities in science is a priority for us."

He added, "The UAE's policy will continue to support peace and stability in our region and the world, help brother and friend, and advocate wisdom and cooperation for the good and progress of mankind."

He explained that the UAE and its security is a basic principle that cannot be compromised, and "we extend the hand of friendship to all countries in the region and the world that share the values of coexistence and mutual respect to achieve progress and prosperity for all."

He pointed out that the people of the Emirates demonstrated, before and after the union, and in all the difficult stages that we passed, their originality, their solidity, their strong will, and their ability to overcome challenges. His Highness also appreciated the role played by the residents of the UAE, who consider the country their second homeland, and their continuous contributions to construction and development since the establishment of the UAE.

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