UAE To Launch a Vaccine Visa for Countries In Need

  • Publish date: Saturday، 29 May 2021
UAE To Launch a Vaccine Visa for Countries In Need
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UAE will soon launch a vaccine visa, it would allow people from countries that have difficulties obtaining the vaccine, to come to the UAE, take the vaccine, and leave according to an exclusive to Smashi TV, from Muhammad Ameer Saeed, a Ministry of Health Official.

“I am one of the officials in the Ministry of Health and soon we will be launching the health visa, which means anyone who doesn’t have access to the vaccine like in India, Turkey, they can come to uae take the vaccine and leave.”

You can watch the full interview (in Arabic) via Smashi TV here.

Chinese nationals temporarily visiting the UAE can visit the official websites of the Chinese Embassy in the UAE and the Consulate-General in Dubai for details.

Image Credit: WAM