Don't Miss These Two Phenomena's in UAE Skies

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 August 2022
Don't Miss These Two Phenomena's in UAE Skies

The annual Perseid meteor shower approaches its peak and the 2022’s fourth and final supermoon will appear in UAE skies on August 11, 12 and 13. When the highly anticipated

According to the Dubai Astronomy Group, Perseid meteor shower is one of the highlights of many

“It is called the Perseids because the meteors seem to originate from the constellation of Perseus,” the astronomy group explained.

“Not only will it be draped in gorgeous orange hues — as every rising Moon is when seen on the horizon — but the full ‘Sturgeon Moon’ also happens to be the final supermoon of 2022,” according to the astronomy group.

Dubai Astronomy Group CEO Hasan Al Hariri said people don’t need any special equipment or skills to view a meteor shower. All that is needed is a clear sky and a secluded viewing spot away from the city lights.

The best time to photograph the supermoon is when it rises. “It is advised that people should go to a high point or find a clear area for the best view of the supermoon,” said Al Hariri.

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