What Will Happen to Queen Elizabeth's Fashion & Jewelry?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 06 October 2022
What Will Happen to Queen Elizabeth's Fashion & Jewelry?

Queen Elizabeth's wardrobes are filled with hundreds of expensive clothing, accessories, and jewelry, and after the late Queen Elizabeth's farewell ceremony was completed, there was talk about what to do with her possessions. Follow this article to get the answer.

The Queen's Clothes Devolve to Several Parties

According to the royal protocol, the Queen's clothes are dealt with, as were the belongings of queens and kings who preceded her, so that pieces associated with historical occasions are kept in exhibitions and museums, and her family members may be given some pieces for memory, while the rest of the pieces of clothing are distributed to the work team that was taking care of the elegance of the Queen; Owners of it can decide to keep it as a souvenir, wear it, or even sell it but without indicating that the property belongs to the Queen at the time of sale.

Queen's Jewelry Between the British Crown & Personal Property

As for Queen Elizabeth's jewels, jewels belonging to the British crown are kept in the Tower of London to pass from the late Queen to the new king.

As for the queen's personal collection of jewelry, which numbered about 300 pieces, including 98 brooches, 37 bracelets, 46 necklaces, 5 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, and 14 watches.

The information indicates that the Queen herself arranged plans for the distribution of her holdings before her death, as the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton will get the lion’s share of these pieces of jewelry after the Queen Consort Camilla chooses the pieces she wants from this group.  Also, the Queen’s daughter and granddaughters will have memorabilia from this jewelry.

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