Will the Upcoming Solar Eclipse be Visible to UAE Residents?

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 February 2024
Will the Upcoming Solar Eclipse be Visible to UAE Residents?

A celestial spectacle is on the horizon as sky-gazers around the globe await the partial solar eclipse scheduled for April 8, 2024. While a total solar eclipse will dazzle North America, UAE residents are expected to only witness a partial eclipse due to their geographical location.

Understanding the Eclipse

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon aligns between the Sun and Earth, casting a shadow that envelops the Sun completely, resulting in a temporary darkness akin to dusk or dawn. Experts underscore that these rare events offer invaluable opportunities for scientific study, particularly regarding the Sun's corona.

Will the Upcoming Solar Eclipse be Visible to UAE Residents?

Insight from Experts

Sarath Raj, Project Director of Amity Dubai Satellite Ground Station and AmiSat at Amity University Dubai, explained the process behind a total solar eclipse. He highlighted the significance of the Moon's apparent size and distance, which allow for the complete obscuration of the Sun during these celestial phenomena.

Visibility in the UAE

Regrettably, the upcoming total solar eclipse won't be visible in the UAE, as it crosses North America. However, residents can anticipate a partial eclipse, with approximately 10-20% coverage of the Sun. The peak moment, expected around 7:45 AM UAE time, will showcase the maximum dimming effect.

Will the Upcoming Solar Eclipse be Visible to UAE Residents?

Safe Viewing Practices

Given the potential risks associated with solar observation, experts caution against direct viewing of the Sun without proper eye protection. Safe solar viewing glasses or handheld solar viewers are essential during partial phases, ensuring protection from harmful solar radiation.

Upcoming Celestial Events

In addition to the April 8 partial solar eclipse, UAE residents can look forward to future celestial occurrences. These include another partial solar eclipse on August 2, 2027, and a total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2029. Moreover, meteor showers such as the Eta Aquariid, Delta Aquariid, Perseid, Orionid, and Geminid are anticipated throughout the year.

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