A refined, stylish, and sensorial driving experience

  • Publish date: Monday، 12 February 2024

Acqua di Parma, the ultimate symbol of sophisticated Italian style and purveyor of fine craftsmanship, presents the Car Diffuser, in the unmistakable shade of the season, a travelling companion that brings style and scent to your vehicle’s interiors.

A design object conceived by the multi-award-winning design duo GamFratesi with every detail crafted to offer an all-around sensory experience, the Car Diffuser is set in a red leather cover that reflects Acqua di Parma’s research in raw material of the finest quality. Carefully selected in collaboration with some of the most acclaimed Italian leather tanneries with centuries-old know-how, the beautiful and soft Made in Italy material is expertly tanned and hand-finished.

Contemporary and innovative, the diffuser sets the car interiors with a pleasurable and comfortable atmosphere to match the modern driving experience where technology reigns. Its circular shape is inspired by the iconic boxes of Acqua di Parma, underlining the long history of the Maison,

and is a perfect fit for any interior with its simple and intuitive mounting system that allows for easy magnetic attachment to the car’s ventilation grill.

The fragrance is then diffused via the vehicle’s air circulation by activating the car’s ventilation system and the diffuser’s simple cursor. The fragrances come in special refills that can be replaced anytime, allowing you to choose your favourite scent for every journey.

Combining the best in aesthetics and performance, the novelty red leather cover joins the existing range available in yellow, grey, and brown. The collection evokes tactile and visual emotions with the radiant freshness of the fragrances from the Maison’s Home Collection. The refills are available in eight compositions, Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa Sul Lago, Oh, l’Amore, Aperitivo in Terrazza, Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi, and Mirto di Panarea.

The Car Diffuser comes in Acqua di Parma’s iconic yellow box.

Fragrances available as Refills:


The inspirational heart of the Home Collection, a fragrance that radiates pure joie de vivre. Its light and sunny aromas celebrate Colonia, the quintessence of Italian style and a symbol of Acqua di Parma’s values from the beginning. The citrus-scented tones of orange and lemon evoke sun-drenched Italian landscapes—the pure natural ‘Frutti d’Oro’ combined with delicate floral tones and warm scents of precious wood. The perfect essence to please and allow yourself to be wrapped in a bright atmosphere when travelling.


The first rays of the sun come through the window. The breeze stirs the light curtains and brings the aromas of mint, lavender, and rosemary, together with the green scents of newly cut grass. Wake up to linen sheets’ freshness and countryside aromas’ gentle beauty. The ideal perfume to find harmonious energy right at the start of the day and to get through daily routines in a relaxed way.


A villa overlooking the gently rippling waters of an Italian lake. Sensations of peace given off by a harmonious fragrance. Scents of water mingle with intimate and introspective floral aromas and a soft, comforting embrace of musk. Graceful and clear, a calm-infusing bouquet. To create a soothing atmosphere at the wheel on long and short journeys.


The emotion of looking into each other’s eyes and suddenly feeling the passion and warmth that touches the heart. The celebration of a genuine feeling in a dynamic and irresistible fragrance. The strong spiced tones of black pepper and cloves combine with an explosion of amber and creamy tones like benzoin and tonka bean. A perfume that releases a heady sensation of intensity is perfect when two travel together.


From the first tones, a light, exciting effect with the sunlit citric aromas of lime, blood orange, and grapefruit. The right bitter touch of gentian, together with the warm spicy tones of cinnamon. A perfume that gives off the well-being of a unique convivial moment.


The clear, sparkling tones of orange, mandarin, and lemon, fruits symbolizing one of the most fascinating islands in the world, disperse into the air. The vigor of citrus fruits combines with the freshness of petitgrain and the intensity of cardamom, together with the light tones of caramel and the sensual tones of musk. To let yourself be transported to the most brilliant little square in the Mediterranean, with the rhythmical sound of the waves in the background.


A festive and lively atmosphere is given off inside the car—the enveloping sweetness of fig blends with the glorious citrus-scented aroma of lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit. The scents of pink peppercorn and jasmine petals accord create surprising harmonies with benzoin and cedarwood—the memory of sunlit lanes and spectacular views that only the Amalfi coastline can offer.


The perfume of the sea combined with the aromas of the Mediterranean scrub. A restorative blend of myrtle, basil, lemon, and bergamot in a fragrance that is rich in nuances. The sea breeze’s scents combine with the juniper’s intensity, the floral tones of jasmine and rose, and the warmth of amber. It’s like finding yourself while travelling in your car, on an island, far away from everything, where time stretches out, and only the sounds of nature can be heard.