Air India Express Reveals New Logo!

  • Publish date: Friday، 20 October 2023
Air India Express Reveals New Logo!

Air Express India has revealed a new logo and aircraft livery for its fleet of planes. 

The new logo is depicted in shades of orange and turquoise, which gives the airline a fresh new look and represents "enthusiasm, premium sensibility and a digital-first approach”, according to airline management.

Air India Express Reveals New Logo!

Image source: @AirIndiaX.

In addition to the new logo and new livery, the airline management has also shared that they will add more domestic routes and more Gulf, South East Asia, and South Asia routes. 

The new routes will be added after the airline has successfully completed merging with Air Asia India.

Air India Express will expand its fleet of 56 aircraft and add 50 new aircraft in the next 15 months.  

The airline plans to expand its fleet to 170 aircraft in the next five years. 

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