Colombian 'Miracle Baby' Born in Abu Dhabi Allowed to Fly Home

  • Publish date: Sunday، 17 September 2023
Colombian 'Miracle Baby' Born in Abu Dhabi Allowed to Fly Home

A Colombian "miracle baby" born in Abu Dhabi has been given the all-clear to fly home.

In June, a team of skilled surgeons at Burjeel Medical City repaired the baby's spinal defect while she was still in her mother's womb.

Baby Maryam Violeta was suffering from open Spina Bifida; a birth defect that happens when the bones of the spine do not form, and this leads to the spinal cord being left exposed to amniotic fluid. 

The condition can lead to serious neurological complications and physical disabilities. 

The doctors made a small incision on the uterus during the surgery, and the back of the baby was exposed to allow the neurosurgeon to close the spina bifida defect.

Now, both the baby and her mother, Liz Valentina Parra Rodriguez, are in good health and have been discharged from the hospital.

"The spina bifida repair was intact and hence the in-utero procedure is deemed successful. Baby Maryam is displaying positive signs of recovery. Although it's still early to predict the full extent of her recovery, the initial indicators are promising. Ultrasound and MRI of brain are normal," said Dr. Mandeep Singh, Consultant, Director of Kypros Nicolaides Fetal Medicine & Therapy Center at Burjeel Medical City.

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