Sharjah Police Prevent Gold Smuggling Operation Worth Dh800,000

  • Publish date: Thursday، 01 February 2024
Sharjah Police Prevent Gold Smuggling Operation Worth Dh800,000

The Sharjah Police have successfully intervened in a major gold smuggling operation, preventing the illegal transport of jewellery valued at Dh800,000. The operation began when jewellery was stolen from a store in Khorfakkan during night hours.

Prompt Response to Criminal Activity

Upon receiving a report of the robbery, the Sharjah Police Operations Room swiftly mobilized, dispatching officers to the crime scene without delay. A specialized team was assembled to gather evidence and launch an investigation into the incident.

Identification of Culprits and Recovery of Stolen Goods

Following meticulous examination and analysis, law enforcement officials were able to identify the individuals involved in the robbery. Subsequently, the stolen jewellery was discovered concealed within a shipping container at a local port, poised for illicit exportation.

Legal Action Initiated

In response to the stopped smuggling attempt, the Sharjah Police are actively pursuing the apprehension of the perpetrators. The case has been referred to the prosecution for further legal proceedings, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

Community Call to Action

In light of this incident, the Sharjah Police urge owners of commercial establishments to tighten security measures within their premises, including the installation of surveillance systems. Additionally, individuals are encouraged to promptly report any suspicious activities or emergencies by dialing the emergency hotline number 999.