Full List of Countries Exempt from UAE Driving License Test

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 May 2024
Full List of Countries Exempt from UAE Driving License Test

The process of obtaining a driving license in the UAE stands as a crucial step for many expatriates settling in the country. While most residents undergo rigorous tests to acquire their licenses, there exists a select group of nations whose license-holders are exempt from these tests, allowing them to drive freely within the UAE.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has introduced a service under the 'Markhoos' initiative, streamlining the exchange of driving licenses. This initiative enables visitors to drive in the UAE using their national driving license or facilitates the exchange process if they possess a residence permit.

MoI recently disclosed a list on its website comprising 43 countries whose license-holders are eligible to exchange their home country's driving license for a UAE license without undergoing additional tests. The countries included in this list are as follows:

1. Estonia

2. Albania

3. Portugal

4. China

5. Hungary

6. Greece

7. Ukraine

8. Bulgaria

9. Slovak

10. Slovenia

11. Serbia

12. Cyprus

13. Latvia

14. Luxembourg

15. Lithuania

16. Malta

17. Iceland

18. Montenegro

19. United States of America

20. France

21. Japan

22. Belgium

23. Switzerland

24. Germany

25. Italy

26. Sweden

27. Ireland

28. Spain

29. Norway

30. New Zealand

31. Romania

32. Singapore

33. Hong Kong

34. Netherlands

35. Denmark

36. Austria

37. Finland

38. United Kingdom

39. Turkey

40. Canada

41. Poland

42. South Africa

43. Australia

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